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Answers are...

01. Hey sister are you all alone? Queens of the Stone Age - Little Sister
02. I believe that this world believes in love. P.O.D. - Ghetto
03. Naughty boys in nasty schools NOTE: I had to change this song because I couldn't remember what it was. Madness - Baggy Trousers
04. I am lost in the see-thru, I think you lost yourself too. Good Charlotte - Change
05. Go! Can you feel it, the perfect day? Drowning Pool feat. Rob Zombie - Man Without Fear
06. Creature core you can't ignore. Rob Zombie - Meet The Creeper
07. Wired through eyes of a horse on a jet pilot... System Of A Down - Jet Pilot
08. Lines and the light stream. Static X - This Is Not
09. Well shake it up baby now! The Beatles - Twist and Shout
10. This is out of my rage. Nirvana - Negative Creep
11. Winter Ice - Terminal Frost. Cradle of Filth - Dawn of Eternity
12. Flying V... If you're standing underneath it.... They Might Be Giants - Flying V
13. She nursed him there ooh over a night. Pearl Jam - Dissident
14. And I wonder day to day. Godsmack - Whatever
15. Well I'm on the brink, of something horrible. Yellowcard - On The Brink
16. I sing the body electric. Walt Whitman / Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - The Body Electric
17. It ain't fading, man I gotta let it all out. Korn - All To Blame
18. I'm tuggin' at my hair, I'm pullin' at my clothes. Avril Lavinge - Things I'll Never Say
19. I tried to kill the pain. Evanesence - Tourniquet
20. Kick the kick drum, increase the weight of the sound. Rancid - Unwritten Rules

And cuz I have so many songs.... I'm doing it twice... :( Just for fun.

a) For clear space and soundess of mind. Mad Season - I'm Above
b) When we were younger there always seemed like. The Offspring - Elders
c) I fell in love and I needed a roadmap. Modest Mouse - Sleepwalking
d) Empty spaces fill me up with holes. GAH! Busted for a shame-song! Backstreet Boys - Incomplete
e) I hide, only to defy you Korn - Divine
f) If we gain by severance Static X - Ostegolation
g) Times have changed and times are strange. Ozzy Osbourne - Mama I'm Coming Home
h) Once again we sit in silence. That's two.... Mariah Carey - I Don't Wanna Cry
i) Please come now I think I'm falling Creed - One Last Breath
j) Cuz it's a bittersweet symphony, this life. The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony
k) I see you on the street and you walk on by. <~!-- Madonna - Open Your Heart
l) I want to be your dominated love slave. Green Day - Dominate Love Slave
m) Hey there, lookin' at me. Tell me what do you see. Green Day - At The Library
n) To the floor, Everybody to the floor. Eeep! Mariah Carey - To The Floor
o) I'm convinced that you hate, you hate me. Limp Bizkit - Nobody Like You
p) Everybody groove to the music, everybody jam. Oh no! Another one! Backstreet Boys - We've Got It Goin' On
q) Never thought I could feel like this... Moulin Rouge - Come What May
r) Living risky, never scared 3 Doors Down - Life of My Own
s) So... you fucked this up again. Our Lady Peace - Shaking
t) Long ago, just like the hearse you died to get in again. My Chemical Romance - Helena
u) I'm drunk off your kiss. New Found Glory - My Friends Over You
v) I didn't die a natural death. Dogwood - In The Line of Fire
w) Don't let it go away, this feeling has got to stay. No Doubt - New
x) Thee I invoke, bornless one. Cradle of Filth - The Black Goddess Rises
y) I once had a girlfriend, but then one day she dumped me. Vandals - My Girlfriend's Dead
z) Let me tell you about a girl I know, she had a drink about an hour ago. Sublime - Date Rape

Let's see how many of these you guys can get. :-D

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